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Blinds make a simple and practical alternative to curtains. Versatile and lighter, they are a hit in the market. More so, where humidity levels are high, blinds can be easier to maintain. They work wonders in limited spaces too, creating a snug appeal especially in places like Singapore. Vertical blinds play a multi-functional role both in residential and commercial spaces. Ideal for large, sloping and irregularly shaped windows, blinds offer an ease to your window dressing needs. Adding height to rooms with low ceilings, they complement sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. Just by a slight tilt of the vanes, sunlight can be filtered as per your convenience without blocking the outside view completely.

If that’s not what you are looking for, Roller blinds offer yet another affordable solution to window décor. Definitely the simplest to operate, they are now readily available in different styles and colour combinations. The clear crisp pattern of these blinds blend with most interiors. Sliding upwards, this smart form of window cover allows you to maintain your view whilst still providing UV protection and privacy. Your choice of fabric will determine the amount of light from translucent to blackout. Also, we provide Combi blinds which require minimum maintenance and are durable. These unique blinds are competitively priced and help to keep insects and pests at bay. Work your way through our selection of blinds now and find what that fits your interior!

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